"The Mandalorian Excision was brief but overwhelming: Key Mandalorian worlds such as Fenel, Ordo, Concord Dawn, and Mandalore itself were subjected to devastating bombardment, with swathes of those world still desolate in Imperial times."
Vilnau Teupt[src]

Fenel was a planet in the Demetras sector,[1] located within the region of the galaxy known as the Outer Rim Territories[3] at the galactic grid coordinates O-7. Situated within the eponymous Fenel system,[1] Fenel was the isolationist homeworld of the Fenelar species, who became renown for their technologists and shipwrights,[2] producers of powerful dreadnaughts and resilient armor.[4] Because of this, Fenel came under attack by the Mandalorian Crusaders, who raided the world and pillaged its technology, before eventually driving the native Fenelar to extinction during the 6700s BBY.[2] The Mandalorians claimed Fenel's shipyards,[4] and during the Mandalorian Wars, the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders[2] used them to construct massive Kandosii-type dreadnaughts,[4] born of Fenelar designs.[2]

Millennia later, following the end of the New Sith Wars in 1000 BBY, Fenel remained in Mandalorian control. When the Galactic Republic grew threatened by the growth in power and influence exhibited by Mandalorian space in the wake of the Ruusan Reformations, a pre-emptive strike force was commissioned. Led by a number of Jedi commanders, the Mandalorian Excision as it came to be known, targeted key Mandalorian worlds, with Fenel among them. In 738 BBY, Fenel was one of several Mandalorian worlds—including Ordo, Concord Dawn, and even the Mandalorians' cultural homeworld of Mandalore—that were subjected to severe Republic bombardment. Significant portions of Fenel were laid to waste, transformed into swaths of barren desert that remained destitute for hundreds of years, on into the time of the Galactic Empire's reign.[2]


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