"The droids. The blasted feral droids."
―Prince Xizor, enraged at the slaughter of his scientists and technicians in his secret lab[src]

The feral droids were droids that—according to legend—would kill sentient beings. This legend would be proven true by Jax Pavan and his band of friends. The deranged machines resided in and near a Droid factory in the Factory District, an abandoned district on Coruscant that had fallen into disrepair after industry moved to other planets. Mostly older construction and wrecking droids, they had been left behind after the desertion of the district.


Centuries before Jax Pavan came to the Factory District, it had been abandoned, and around that time, droids began to degenerate into a feral state. Many were destroyed when Falleen Prince Xizor's lab, which was in the droid plant many of the feral droids resided in, exploded. Many droids probably survived as well, and also probably continued to haunt the Factory District.


ASP-droid negtd

Some ASP droids were known to be feral.

Feral droids could look like anything, because that term described any droid in the Factory District that would kill a sentient being. However, some of the BXL-99 labor droids that Jax Pavan encountered had modified themselves in unusual ways. One had Plasticine tubing with multicolored fluids added inside it, another had lights that ran up and down its arms and blinked on and off randomly, and the third had tall, thin vanes protruding from its head that ran electric discharges between each arm. All had antiquated electronic devices welded to them at seemingly indiscriminate spots.


Droids that became feral would attack any sentient being, and output random Binary. They appeared to destroy random machinery, including Xizor's lab. They would literally rip apart sentients; they did this in the lab, beheading a Drall scientist, and splattering Human and Aqualish blood all over the walls.

Theories on behaviorEdit

The most popular theory on the droids behavior was a worm or virus that had transformed their core programming and turned them into slaughtering monsters. The sentient droid I-5YQ theorized that extended exposure to the radiation of Xizor's lab's reactor core had driven them mad.

List of droids observed to be feralEdit