The Ferlani family was a major criminal syndicate that operated on the planet Esseles during the Galactic Civil War, where it owned the Togatto Speedway, a podracing area. The family had a rivalry with the Largo family, a criminal family that was based in the city Calamar on Esseles, and infrequent clashes occurred between the two. At some point, a clique of young criminals from among the Ferlani family and Esseles' other criminal families secretly plotted to displace their family leaders and to form a alliance with Essels' political leaders. The group arranged for police and Imperial raids to bring down a number of families and, feeling threatened, Luthus Ferlani—the leader of the Ferlani family—hired a group of agents to investigate the matter. Unknown to the Ferlani, the rebels planned to murder the remaining leaders of the Ferlani and the other families during the Annual Jatzday Race in tne Togatto Speedway.