"Go away! I'm only practicing!"
―Ferleen Snee[src]

Ferleen Snee was a Jedi Master. He was noted for his curmudgeonly personality, and his mastery of telekinesis, as illustrated in one unverified legend about him.[3]

Supposedly, he was once found standing next to the Muntuur stones—or rather below them, as he was levitating them in the air at the time. These stones, the heaviest of which weighed over five metric tons, were flying through the sky, close to a pair of tourist sail barges. Some accounts describe the tourists as transfixed by the spectacle, though other versions of the story claim the tourists and the barge pilots were unable to move, fearing that they would be crushed by the stones.[3]

Some of the Planetary Enforcers attempted to arrest the Jedi Master, only to be impatiently shooed away while the Jedi Master continued his practice.[3]


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