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Fete Weeks or Festival Weeks on Coruscant came in three forms, a New Year Fete Week, a Festival of Life, and a Festival of Stars.

Fete WeeksEdit

New Year Fete Week was the first five days of the new year as determined by the Galactic Standard Calendar, but before the first month.

The Festival of Life, which originated in the Core Worlds, consisted of five days between the sixth and seventh months. It was marked by parties, get-togethers, and gift-giving.

The Festival of Stars was another celebratory week between the ninth and tenth months of the year that celebrates interstellar space travel. Many beings took vacations to other planets to mark this occasion.

The festivities concluded with the Galactic Fair (Imperial Fair during the Galactic Empire). Information on the Remnant's celebration of these weeks or the holidays is yet to be determined.



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