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Fett Club
Attribution information

Kevin Rubio


Roger Langridge


Michael Heisler


Wil Glass

Publication information

Dark Horse Comics

Published in

Star Wars Tales 24



General information

Rise of the Empire era


32 BBY

Fett Club was a 12-page Infinities comic featured in Star Wars Tales 24 and collected in Star Wars Tales Volume 6.

Plot summaryEdit

The comic is about Count Dooku's plans to find a bounty hunter for a clone army, disguised as an advertisement to become a Mandalorian. Fett Club pokes fun at Fight Club, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, fanboys, and Jar Jar Binks among others.

The Rules of Fett ClubEdit


Some odd Mandalorian prospects.

  • The first rule of Fett Club: you do not talk about Fett Club
  • The second rule of Fett Club: you do not talk about Fett Club!
  • The third rule of Fett Club: raise your hand and wait to be called on. Mandalorians do not give out info needlessly.
  • The fourth rule of Fett Club: ignorance is not bliss. It's deadly. So be confident.
  • The fifth rule of Fett Club: don't be stupid!
  • The sixth rule of Fett Club: know your limitations.
  • The seventh rule of Fett Club: no Gungans. Ever!
  • The eighth rule of Fett Club: we do not gamble with our money. We invest.
  • The ninth rule of Fett Club: when answering an advertisement always read the fine print.

Behind the scenesEdit

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The name and premise of the comic is a reference to the book/movie Fight Club.

Fett Club's address is "1138." Outside of Fett Club, The Beatles can be seen crossing the street in the image as their famous Abbey Road album. Also, Randy Stradley, Kevin Rubio and Jeremy Barlow can be seen begging on the Coruscant street.

The prospective Mandalorians include a Dalek, a clown, and a Bob's Big Boy. Other prospective Mandalorians are playing Monopoly.

The answers "Yellow. No, blue!" and "South African or North European?" are references to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The last candidate also mentions waiting for three months outside of Mann's Chinese Theater.

A Dalek from Doctor Who appears in the comic. The illustrator, Roger Langridge, has worked on several of the comic stories in the official Doctor Who Magazine.


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