"Sith conquer all our Talz. Fetzellen commands this clan. Fetzellen is the strongest of the clan."

Fetzellen was a male Talz who led his clan in the service to the Galactic Republic. Fetzellen had his clan of Talz join the Republic Army as soldiers and they were stationed on the planet Hoth during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. However, one violent Talz of the tribe named Broonmark became disgusted at the Republic. Believing his clan to be tainted, the only way for Broonmark to cleanse them of their supposed shame was to slay every last one of them, including Fetzellen. In 3642 BBY, Fetzellen and his Talz allied with Jedi Knight Xerender and his Padawan Sewlor, who were on the search for Jedi Master Wyellett. Broonmark continued to chase them, killing the Padawan and many Talz while Fetzellen and Xerender made their way to the wreckage of the Star of Coruscant. Accompanied by the Sith Lord, Broonmark confronted Fetzellen and killed him in unarmed combat, using only his claws.



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