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Fex-M3 was a neurotoxin that was both potent and volatile. It attacked the brain stem and autonomic nervous system of most species. It was most potent when inhaled, but the chemical could be absorbed through the skin.[2] It was used extensively by bounty hunters and members of the Assassin's Guild. Usually delivered as the coating on a poison dart, this toxin could kill a target silently in less than 10 seconds, by causing the brain to release its stored energy, thus boiling the target's brain. Boba Fett used darts laced with this substance in his knee pad dart launchers. The Imperial Military used it with the CSPL-12 projectile launcher.

This toxin was used as late as 40 ABY by riot control Galactic Alliance Guard officers during the Second Galactic Civil War.

A more potent variant of it, known as Fex-EX was produced.[3]



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