"This is Captain Feylara Raed of the free trader vessel Celestial Crow. If anyone's out there, I need help!"
―Feylara Raed[src]

Feylara Raed was a female Human captain of the starship Celestial Crow during the Cold War. One of the many ex-girlfriends of a scoundrel named Skavak, she tried to please her ex-lover by setting a trap for his nemesis, the future Voidhound, who was traveling with another of Skavak's former "allies": Risha Drayen. Feylara stranded her ship in the deep space somewhere in the Outer Rim and send a fake distress signal asking for help. When the Voidhound docked the XS stock light freighter to the Celestial Crow, she commanded the droids to kill them, while protecting herself with an energy shield. However, all of her droids were defeated and the shield's energy source ran out, leaving her defenseless and vulnerable. The Voidhound forgave Feylara and left, after explaining to her Skavak's abusive and fickle nature.