"I am most comfortable in my preferred role as a gentleman's personal gentlething, but if you would prefer a wordless bodyguard, or even a discreet assassin who simply haunts your travels, I am fully equipped to fill those roles."

Fidelis was a Tac-Spec FIII Footman droid owned by House Malreaux. He was painted in crimson and ivory: his chassis and head were decorated in the checkerboard pattern that was the livery of House Malreaux, while his extremities bore an ivory base coat with crimson piping.


The droid was part of the staff at Château Malreaux for twelve generations until 30 BBY when he was sent by Whirry Malreaux to watch—from a distance—her son Whie, who had been taken in by the Jedi Order with the consent of her drunken self. A decade later, when Whie finally left the Jedi Temple on a mission to Vjun, Fidelis and his master-less counterpart Solis tracked down and met up with Whie and his team, which included Yoda, aboard the Reasonable Doubt. He protected Whie during the journey and led them to Château Malreaux. However, he unknowingly led Whie and his friend Scout in through a cellar where they were caught by Asajj Ventress. Asajj threatened to kill Whie if Fidelis did not commit suicide with a Neural-Net eraser. He sadly accepted, even though Whie and Tallisibeth told him not to, as he thought it would be the most loyal thing for the Malreaux family. His last words were, "Only remember, I served the House Malreaux. I didn't think it would end like this."

Behind the scenesEdit

The Malreaux checkerboard resemble the coat of arms of Croatia. It's commonly known as Šahovnica ("chessboard", from šah, "chess" in Croatian) or grb (literally coat of arms).



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