The Fifth Alsakan Conflict was one of the Alsakan Conflicts, a series of wars that pitted the Galactic Republic and its influential capital of Coruscant against the planet Alsakan and its allies. Beginning approximately 13,050 BBY, the conflict lasted until around 12,700 BBY, and saw fighting across the galaxy. Alsakan began using a new class of cruiser during the conflict, and Admiral Hirken made great use of the cruisers during his defense of Alsakan colony worlds in the Northern Dependencies region in 12,980 BBY. His campaign included battles at Iridonia, Glee Anselm, Xa Fel, Dachat, Borleias, and Twith. Near the end of the conflict, a battle later known as the Resistance on Cyrillia occurred at the planet Cyrillia, though the war as a whole ended in a ceasefire that lasted almost a millennium.[1]

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The Fifth Alsakan Conflict's only mention thus far has been in the 2012 reference guide The Essential Guide to Warfare, which explained the history of the Alsakan Conflicts.[1]


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