The Fifth Brother's lightsaber was a double-bladed spinning lightsaber wielded by the Jedi hunter known as Fifth Brother, similar to other double-bladed spinning lightsabers wielded by Imperial Inquisitors.


The weapon featured a ringed emitter which could partially detach from the cylindrical handgrip in the center, allowing the twin blades to rotate rapidly without effort from the wielder.[6] For a Jedi hunter like an Inquisitor, this function likely served as a way to intimidate opponents, as well as deflect any form of frontal attack. However, this was also the weapon's primary weakness, as a lightsaber-wielding opponent could simply destroy the emitter itself and cut the weapon in half, as was demonstrated by Kanan Jarrus during his final duel with the Grand Inquisitor aboard the Sovereign.

It could also be used to fly, spinning in a helicopter-like motion strong enough to lift the wielder off the ground. [7]


Fifth threatens Sabine

The Fifth Brother threatens Sabine Wren.

The Fifth Brotehr was trained in the use of this lightsaber alongside his fellow Inquisitors in the Works on Coruscant under the tutelage of the Grand Inquisitor and later Darth Vader.[8][9]

This lightsaber saw recurring use by the Fifth Brother as he was dispatched by Darth Vader alongside the Seventh Sister to hunt down the Spectres. This hunt would bring the pair into several duels with rebel Jedi, engaging in combat against the cell's Jedi members: Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, as well as the Phoenix Squadron's former Jedi leader, Ahsoka Tano.

This lightsaber was ultimately lost in the third year before the Battle of Yavin,[3] on Malachor, when Ahsoka struck the Fifth Brother's weapon with one of her own white lightsabers, damaging if not destroying his lightsaber. Disarmed, the Fifth Brother was immediately slain by the former Sith Lord, Maul. [7]



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