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The Figg conglomerate,[1] also referred to as the Figg empire,[2] consisted of the multiple business ventures of the Figg family, led by hyperspace explorer Ecclessis Figg. The conglomerate consisted of the Outer Javin Company, Figg & Associates, and Figg Excavations.[1]

While Ecclessis Figg had dreamed for years during his youth of blazing hyperroutes through the Outer Rim Territories, his dream did not become a reality until he saved the life of Yarith, an Alderaanian noble traveling aboard a luxury liner on the Corellian Trade Spine. The couple soon married, and Yarith poured her wealth into Ecclessis's first business, the Outer Javin Company.[1]

Years later, Figg & Associates and Figg Excavations were founded, and the conglomerate eventually passed into the hands of the Figg family descendants. The family still maintained its holdings over the conglomerate during the Galactic Civil War.[1]

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