Fighting for Your Independence was a propaganda poster illustrated by the droid Q2-B3KO during the Clone Wars. The poster was made in support of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' Droid Army, which fought against the Galactic Republic's army of clone soldiers during the war.[1]

The poster featured a B2-HA super battle droid over a dark red background pointing its rocket launcher straight ahead. At the top of the poster in High Galactic was written "THE CONFEDERACY OF INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS DROID ARMY." A little below the middle of the poster, in red and yellow lettering and also in High Galactic, was " INTELLIGENT INTREPID INVINCIBLE AND FIGHTING FOR YOUR INDEPENDENCE." At the bottom of the poster was the Confederacy's bog emblem, painted red, and in Aurebesh "THE CONFEDERACY OF INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS" was written.[1]

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Fighting for Your Independence


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