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Filli Bitters was a Human male with pale hair that he wore spiked, serving as the best slicer onboard the Drunk Dancer.


Filli was about the same age as Olee Starstone, on whom he had a crush from the moment he met her, but her dedication to the Jedi Code led her to forsake attachments. Filli took Olee and Roan Shryne to Jaguada's moon, from where he hacked into the Jedi Temple records in a search for Jedi Purge survivors.

He later reprogrammed a Recusant-class light destroyer to kamikaze an Imperial Detainer CC-2200 interdictor cruiser, allowing the Drunk Dancer and other vessels to escape the Imperial subjugation of Kashyyyk. Following the subjugation, Olee decided to allow herself attachments, perhaps indicating she was more open to Filli's flirtation.

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