The Finance Ministry was one of the Ministries under the control of the Alliance Cabinet during the Galactic Civil War. Heading by the Minister of Finance, the Finance Ministry was charged with raising money in order to prosecute the war against the Galactic Empire.

To achieve that goal, the Finance Ministry was empowered to levy taxes against Allied governments. This, however, created a strain on the government, as they would often have to pay taxes to the Empire at the same time. To raise capital, the Finance Ministry issued Alliance War Bonds, which were low-yield, long term bonds. A risky investments, they were generally bought by individuals wishing to support the war effort, not those with long-term future financial goals in mind.

The Finance Ministry also printed the Alliance Credit. While officially unrecognized as currency by the Galactic Empire, Alliance sympathizers generally took the Credit at face value, while black marketeers worked to an exchange rate of twenty-five Alliance Credits to a single Imperial Credit.


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