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This article is about the Galactic Empire Ministry of Finance. You may be looking for another ministry of finance.
"Militaries sometimes have off-the-list projects going on. But I don't know how large it could be. I suppose the first step would be to check the Senate and finance ministry's public records."
"Unless the project has been made invisible even to them."
―Eli Vanto and Thrawn[src]

The finance ministry was the government department of the Galactic Empire which dealt with financial issues and headquartered in the Federal District of Coruscant, the Imperial throneworld. Lieutenant Thrawn of the Imperial Navy, and his aide Ensign Eli Vanto, discovered that the Empire had made use of much more doonium than they required for starship construction. Thrawn argued that this must be a result of a large, unannounced project which was kept secret even from the Imperial Senate and the finance ministry. He would later find out that this secret project was in fact the Death Star,[1] a moon-sized deep-space mobile battle station with the ability to destroy an entire planet.[2]

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The finance ministry of the Galactic Empire was first mentioned in Thrawn,[1] a canon novel written by Timothy Zahn and released on April 11, 2017.[3]


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