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Finious Crab was a smuggler and the captain of the Lambarian Crab.


Around 0 ABY, Finious bought a modified CEC YT-2400 light freighter from a honest trader, Matas Havel, who wanted to retire. Crab then re-Christened the ship Lambarian Crab and removed any security and backup system Havel had ever installed. Instead, he used the space to add illegal customizations that would improve the stealth and speed of the ship. He also added three secret compartments, one in the cover of a hallway, another in a cargo pod and a third one in the cockpit deck escape pod socket.[1]

Crab then made a name for himself in the Corellian system, dodging blockades and customs and enraging both the Galactic Empire and the Corellian Security Force. During a run to Eriadu, the life support system failed to Crab's negligence in security matters; the pilot was frozen in hyperspace, although the ship reached Eriadu. It was eventually salvaged and re-sold to other smugglers; but one of Crab's smuggling compartments was not found.[1]

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