Finn was a Human male native to the planet Herdessa. Part of the planet's lower class, he was forced to struggle against the planet's oppressive government, the Herdessan Guild who had allied themselves with the Galactic Empire. Sometime after the Battle of Endor, the Alliance of Free Planets came to Herdessa to negotiate a possible membership with the world. Alongside his lover, Suzu, the two attended the arrival of the Alliance delegation and booed when Princess Leia Organa was introduced. They then threw mud at the woman, striking her in the face with a mudball. The planet's security forces led by the cyborg Lumiya chased after the two Herdessans, eventually capturing Finn in guild sector three. Suzu was able to escape with the help of Organa, but Finn was brought back to the city to be sold into slavery in the lava mines of Vanan.

However, Suzu and Organa were able to free the prisoners, and they rose up against the guild and their Imperial allies. Finn was reunited with Suzu, and the guild members were captured. Shortly thereafter, Organa and the Alliance left the planet to warn the rest of the Alliance of the Imperial's activity. Finn and Suzu likely had a place in the new government which was allied with the Alliance of Free Planets.