The fire-control chamber was located aboard Centerpoint Station. It was from here that the station would be fired.


The fire-control chamber was a large area with consoles, datajacks, keyboards, monitors, and readouts everywhere. One open area used to hold Anakin Sal-Solo, who thought it was Anakin Solo, and was twice as tall as a normal Human. It was from this chamber that Centerpoint Station was targeted and fired. From this chamber it was also possible to view the security cams around the station.[1]


During the Second Galactic Civil War the Corellian leadership lured Colonel Solo, one of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances Chiefs of State into a trap, with the promise of Corellia's surrender. During the battle the plan was to fire Centerpoint, destroying the Anakin Solo and killing Colonel Solo, as well as taking out part of the Galactic Alliance Second Fleet. After firing, however, the Anakin Solo was not destroyed, Solo was not killed, and the fire-control chamber caught fire due to the Corellians going around the security measures that were in place to allow Anakin Solo, or the droid that believed it was Anakin. When Prime Minister of the Five Worlds Sadras Koyan asked what had happened, Vibro gave him a more simplistic explanation of what had happened to the station's systems, and why the fire-control chamber was malfunctioning.[1]

When Solo led the Alliance in an attempt to capture Centerpoint Station, the Jedi were attempting to destroy the station. One plan involved the scientist Toval Seyah to reprogram the station, in the fire-control chamber, to overload instead of firing.[1]

When Koyan left the station, Vibro watched him with the security cams from the fire-control chamber. He also took it upon himself to fire on Coruscant in revenge for his wife, causing Centerpoint Station to be destroyed. This was because Seyah was able to reprogram the star data in Centerpoint's systems, and reset all the other coordinates as the center of Hollowtown.[1]


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