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This article is about Yuuzhan Vong Fire Breather. You may be looking for droid Fire-breather.

The Fire Breather was a huge leviathan with tough hide and natural chemicals that was manipulated by the Yuuzhan Vong for use as a heavy support organism.



Fire breathers

These deadly war beasts had flexible proboscises that spewed streams of gelatinous flame, pores that exhaled anti-laser aerosols, and hides thick enough to withstand all but a blast from a turbolaser.

The liquid flame was created through a unique chemical reaction caused by the mixture of methane, hydrogen sulfide, and a mysterious substance deep within the guts of the Fire Breather. The beasts were often deployed for clearing out entrenched enemy positions.

A smaller anti-personnel version also existed.


Fire Breathers were first encountered on Gyndine where they burned the forests and caused the lakes to boil. According to most reports, the Fire Breathers acquired swamp gas from the planet Mimban in the Circarpous system, prior to invading Gyndine. Fire Breathers also appeared with an invasion on Artorias.[1]

Later in the war, the Fire Breathers were fought off by a platoon of B2 super battle droids known as the Orange Panthacs in the Battle of Mantessa.




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