"Affirmative. This is Firebase Alpha. We read you, Falcon. How was your trip?"
―A Rebel to Han Solo[src]

Firebase Alpha was an illegal energy-mining station operated by the Rebel Alliance. It was on an asteroid located 1.5 terameters from a black hole inside the Rishi Maze. Sometime before the Battle of Yavin, the station was in desperate need of supplies. The smuggler Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca were contracted to bring those supplies to the base. The two successfully navigated past an Imperial blockade and through the Rishi Maze in their starship, the Millennium Falcon. The route they were given took them past a long-dead Sith warship, which sent attack drones after them. After disabling the Sith vessel, Solo contacted Firebase Alpha for landing clearance. As he approached, Chewbacca detected an energy signature in the cargo hold. Solo investigated and discovered that it was an Imperial baradium bomb intended to destroy the Rebel Alliance station. Solo was able to eject the bomb into space, where it harmlessly exploded.

Behind the scenesEdit

Firebase Alpha appears in Maze Run, a short story published in the January 2012 magazine Star Wars Insider 131.