The Fireclaw Horde was a mercenary gang led by Mebara Jos, operating out of the Cularin system during the last decade of the Galactic Republic. Establishing a base in the abandoned city of Nub Saar in orbit around the planet Genarius; they first made HoloNet News headlines when they tried to ambush the luxury liner, Queen of Cularin.


From Nub Saar the gang also began working on a variant of the MMR-9 recovery droid; this droid was meant to be used as the first line of attack when the ambush took place, operating in the vacuum of space to disable the Queen of Cularin and leave the vessel open to boarding actions. As the droid project went into its final stages, the Fireclaw Horde sent a Togorian gang to Tindark to obtain the security codes that would allow them to acquire several MMR-9 prototypes. However, their plain was partially foiled when the droid's designer, Imik Suum, managed to escape after witnessing the Togorians murder several technicians and staff in the base. A group of freelance agents tracked the Togorians to their hideout on Nub Saar, where they discovered the gang's plans for the hijacking. Intercepting the Queen, the freelancers fended off the Horde and the luxury liner was safe.

Investigation into the Fireclaw Horde and its activities led authorities to implicate them in other attempted crimes; such as an attempt to steal Gomalo's treasures.