"You with the Selkath? You here to see me about the murder too? I told the damn fish everything I knew, what more do you all want from me?"
―Firith to Revan[src]

Firith Me was a male Human pazaak addict staying at the Visitor's Hotel in Ahto City on Manaan during the Jedi Civil War. In 3956 BBY, he was a witness in the Sunry case. During the case, he met the former Sith Lord Revan and revealed to him that Elassa Huros was in fact a Sith that Sunry killed. He was also a Pazaak Weekly reader.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Although Firith Me is a pazaak player, the player can't play pazaak with him.

Firith Me was voiced by Rino Romano in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, who does the grunts and small talk of Revan.

The player can bribe or threaten Firith Me to testify, the latter of which will earn them dark side points.

In the PC version, Firith's character model is changed from the model used for him when first seen, to a model similar to Gerlon Two-Fingers when he makes his appearance at the trial.


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