Firro was a planet in the Farrfin sector of the Galactic Core that was brutally subjugated by the Galactic Empire prior to the Battle of Yavin.


Numerous atrocities were committed on Firro during its subjugation. Lord Cuvir became the newly proclaimed Imperial Governor of the planet after the Empire solidified its control over the populace.[2]

Firro was the site of one of surgical droid 2-1B's earliest assignments while working for the Empire. His task was to treat the incredible amounts of wounded who suffered injuries during the Imperial takeover. 2-1B soon came under notice of Lord Cuvir, who took the droid as his own personal physician, leaving the civilian wounded to less efficient care.[2]

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The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion places Firro in the Farfin sector, a misspelling of the true Farrfin sector.



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