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The First Battle of the Sepan system was a raid committed by Dimok forces against a Ripoblus forces that was intervened by Imperial forces under the command of Admiral Harkov in 3 ABY


After the Aftermath of Hoth, The Empire sought to quell the Sepan Civil War, that had been raging the Sepan system for generations. Admiral Harkov was sent bring the civil war to an end. His first stage was to stop a raid by Dimok forces on a Ripoblus convoy by destroying at least 25% of their strike team and allow survivors to report back to their leaders that Imperial forces are getting involved. The Secret Order of the Emperor, however, had become suspicious and ordered their initiate Maarek Stele to pay attention to everything as they found that conflicting reports meant that things were not as it seems in this civil war. Also, Harkov's performance has not been all the Emperor had hoped for.


"Ripoblus Convoy requesting assistance. We are under attack!"

At the start of the battle, the Ripobuls convoy hailed the Imperial capital ship the Protector to assist them. Harkov ordered the Dimok strike force to stand down or face the consequences.

The Dimoks claimed to be seizing illegal war supplies and could not permit the convoy to escape and warned not to interfere or they would be fired upon. Harkov's forces with the help of Imperial pilot Maarek Stele drove the strike force away by destroying at least 25% of their forces. Though the Dimoks were driven away, Stele confirmed the Dimok's and the Order's suspicions by discovering the existence of Imperial weapons among the Ripoblus Modular conveyor group Asbo, causing the Protector to send Transport group Epsilon to disable and seize the transport group for inspection. The Ripoblus then sent 3 Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttles called Ayalam, Noerbo and Yawnor to try to stop the seizure but were all destroyed in the end and the convoy was impounded by the transports.


The Dimok;s forces reported back to the leaders about the intervention of Imperial forces. The Ripoblus leaders angered by the attack decided to retaliate by attacking a Platform called Youst.

Meanwhile the Secret order was disturbed by the discovery of Imperial armaments inside the Ripoblus convoy as there was no legitimate way they could have acquired them. What they didn't know was that it was Harkov who had been selling them for profit.

Behind the scenesEdit

The conflict is described in the game Star Wars: TIE Fighter. It is Battle 2 Mission 1 in the game. The primary objective is to destroy 25% of the Dimok forces. The secondary objective is to inspect the Modulor conveyor group Asbo and the secret objectives are to ensure that the capture operation is successful, as well as inspecting all primary Dimok starships.