The First Edition was a Surronian L19 Heavy Freighter bought by Moff Aricos Dreleene under the erroneous assumption that it was an exclusive model that he could show off in parties. Discovering that it was a mass-production ship, Dreleene spent a fortune modifying it for his pompous purposes.

The ship and the Moff later ended up in the custody of the Rebel Alliance, where Moff Dreleene was imprisoned and the First Edition was renamed the Almost Authentic for use as a transport.


The First Edition was one of the first Surronian L19 Heavy Freighters built for its second production. Imperial Moff Aricos Dreleene mistakenly believed it was an "L19a" luxury, exclusive model, and bought the ship to show it in important meetings on Coruscant he was invited to.

Discovering it was not what he had thought, Dreleene spent 220,000 credits to customize it, faking any ID. He then introduced his new ship as the only Surronian ship big enough for his collection of furniture and trophies.

Later, while in his ship in Warchigade Trade Route, in deep space, Dreleene was attacked by privateers associated to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Dreleene was captured and then filmed while admitting that his ship was a phony simulation. The Alliance uploaded his confession to Cynabar's InfoNet, imprisoned Dreleene and confiscated the ship.

The Alliance then spent two weeks modifying the First Edition so that it could be used as a transport. After two weeks, the ship was in condition to be used, and its name changed to Almost Authentic. Nonetheless, the Alliance noticed that she still looked like a rich man's toy, that it would be expensive to maintain, and that its part would probably be highly coveted by some; so the Alliance considered getting rid of the Almost Authentic in short term.


Dreeleene's expenses went to hiring outlaw tech to change serial numbers, ID tags and transponder codes, and slicers to modify the documents of the ship.

The Alliance instead installed an ion cannon, replaced the fire control systems, increased the ship's mobility, and replaced the secondary escape pod and part of the consumables storage tanks with cargo space.