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The military uniforms worn by the personnel of the First Order's armed forces consisted of a high-collared tunic, flared-hipped breeches, and knee-high boots. Accessories included a belt with a polished buckle, code cylinders, and a crested command cap. Parade uniforms also included a greatcoat made of gaberwool.

Rank was denoted by a braided cuff title on the uniform's left sleeve, as well as by uniform color: Generals' and Admirals' uniforms were charcoal grey, senior officers' were teal, and junior officers' were light gray. Non-commissioned officers—including petty officers, Chief petty officers, and some military technicians—wore lighter, black duty uniforms without belts.[1]

At least some First Order uniforms resembled those of the Galactic Empire's own Imperial officer's uniform, albeit colored black. Armitage Hux wore such a uniform while aboard the Resurgent-class Battlecruiser Finalizer. In addition, on Starkiller Base, some of the officers when outside wore coats that went down to the knee at the back, as evidenced by Hux's speech to the amassed First Order military before Hosnian Cataclysm.



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