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During the mission to Ovanis, the First Order used a platform as a staging area to launch both TIE/fo space superiority fighters and TIE/sf space superiority fighters as well as various other transports such as atmospheric assault landers.

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The First Order platform was around 50 meters in length. Used mainly for monitoring planets that were hostile or that resisted First Order's rule, it was ungainly and hard to maneuver. These platforms were also used as staging areas behind the front lines of battle, useful for repairing TIE fighters or simply staging attacks.

Offensive and Defensive CapabilitiesEdit

The First Order platform had four ventral laser cannons and one laser cannon mounted next to the bridge for defense. It had minor shielding since the planets it supervised generally were not well armed, likewise it was rarely on the front lines of battle.


The First Order platform was used to subjugating planets that were poorly armed, so it carried a relatively small complement. It carried four TIE/fo space superiority fighters for offensive and defensive maneuvers, and five TIE/sf space superiority fighters for the same purpose. The platform also carried an additional four atmospheric assault landers for strikes against the planet or to use as transports.


The First Order platform carried 150 First Order personnel in total. There were ten First Order Special Forces, five TIE/fo pilots, and five more TIE/fo pilots to pilot the atmospheric assault landers. There were eight squads of stormtroopers to protect the platform, and to maintain First Order control over the planet the platform orbited. There were also 50 other technicians and pilots to maneuver the platform and to keep it running smoothly.

Propulsion SystemsEdit

The First Order platform lacked a hyperdrive and had to be deployed by a larger cruiser, such as a Maxima-A-class heavy cruiser. It carried only a small reactor, since it generally only had to hover after being deployed. Additionally, there was not a large need to have a lot of energy since the shields and laser cannons were not used often because the platform was mostly not on the front lines of battle.


First Order platforms were used by the First Order 30 years after the Battle of Endor. One was deployed from a Maxima-A-class heavy cruiser Ravenous to the surface of Ovanis to reinforce Agent Terex.[1]


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