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"Over four millennia ago, the first of the Queen Mothers made Hapes the capital of her empire."
―A New Republic Intelligence dossier on Hapes, 8 ABY[src]

A Hapan woman became the first Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium[1] around 4030 BBY.[2] After the Jedi[1] under Arca Jeth[2] defeated the Lorell Raiders, who controlled Hapes and its large population of female slaves, the women of Hapes vowed that they would never again be ruled by a man.[1] This led to the founding of the Hapan Royal House with the Queen Mother as its head. After coming to power, the first Queen Mother established the Queen's Pageant, as a parody of the slave trade under the Lorell Raiders.[3] She also began the construction of the Star Home, the flagship of the Hapan Queen Mothers, which was still in use roughly 4,000 years later.[1]

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