"I was captured on a ship in the Five Points system."
―"Liana Hallik", to an Imperial warden[src]

The Five Points system was a star system located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories that contained five small, inhabitable planets, including Hirara, Rumitaka, Satotai, Uchinao, and Watassay, all circling a single star. It was named for the space station known as Five Points, which sat in the system's center in the gap between Rumitaka and Satotai, allowing it an ideal location to reach all five planets with relative ease. The entire system was littered with space debris such as asteroids, forcing starships to limp along from planet to planet in a series of short, inconvient sublight speed routes.[1]

Prior to arriving at the Imperial Detention Center & Labor Camp LEG-817 on Wobani, Jyn Erso, living under the alias "Liana Hallik," was captured on a ship in the Five Points system.[1]

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