("Alert! Alarm! Intruders! They have come for the younglings!")

C-3PO warning nearby fjor-bats of intruders (Translated)[src]

Fjor-bats were a species of flying creatures native to the star system that became the site of a battle between Resistance pilot Poe Dameron and the forces of Lord Terex.

Biology and appearanceEdit

"Not the most sophisticated language, of course, but it's mostly infrasonic."
Fjor-bat eyes PD12

Fjor-bat eyes glowing out of their caves.

A fjor-bat was a flying creature with large wings and two back legs used for gripping and grasping. They had tall ears, glowing orange eyes, and thick jaws with mouths of sharp teeth. They had elongated, tapering heads, and a ridge of spines along their backs. The creatures' hides were of a blue-gray coloration, while their inner ears were a fleshy pink.[1]

The fjor-bats lived in the caves and caverns of their desert planet, and were fiercely protective of their younglings. Their communication strategies consisted of a language that was mostly infrasonic, and although it was not particularly sophisticated, the tongue was used to alert fellow fjor-bats to the presence intruders and potential threats to their young.[1]


While confronting Lord Terex's forces, protocol droid C-3PO stirred up a fjor-bat nest by calling an alarm in the species' own language, warning them of intruders who posed a threat to their young. The bats flew out of their caverns en masse, attacking Terex's soldiers and carrying some of them into the air with their powerful grasping limbs. Despite the diversion, the droid was unable to escape from Terex, who immobilized him and stole his memory unit.[1]


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