The Flamechasers was the name given to themselves by the fans of Firebrand, a rogue anarchist who arrived on the capital city of the Eternal Empire of Zakuul in 3634 BBY and began bombing civilian and military targets. For many Zakuulans, sheltered from dangers their entire life, those acts of destruction were less of a terrorism and more a source of thrills. The Flamechasers idolized Firebrand and kept up with her exploits, creating elements of art in her honor and trading gray-market holos taken at the bombing side. The most devout of them even received prominent facial scarring to display with pride, even though the medical droids could remove those at any time.[2]

However, following the Rescue of the Outlander in 3632 BBY, that caused a mass blackout throughout the city, the reality of terrorism began to sink indo Firebrand idolizers. The majority of them quietly left to get their scars fixed and return to normal life. Alianna Slen was among the last to stick out, providing the Firebrand with data on the Overwatch taken from her father Tayvor Slen and helping her plant bombs around the city.[1]

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The Flamechasers appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 10: Anarchy in Paradise and are identified as such in the "Firebrand" codex entry.


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