Flames of the Crucible

Jarael's Flames of the Crucible.

"So you say. But the Crucible exists to find out what you will do. In the Flames, a farmer can become Goethar Kleej. A Jedi can lose his love for peace and a Caamasi can become a killer."
Bar'injar to Zayne Carrick[src]

The Flames of the Crucible were a runic language usually tattooed on the members of The Crucible, an organization of slavers.[1] The tattoos held different meanings and could be found on the arms, chest, and even face of anyone within the ranks of the Crucible.

The Flames were specific to the minders and internal security forces who had, through talent or deed, become a permanent part of the Crucible. They were unique to them, whereas the general populace like Goethar Kleej and Qohn did not have them, nor did the minions in specialized roles like Dace Golliard.[2] Tattoos on the arms of members of the Crucible were usually a reference to military insignia, representing rank and the particular group of trainees a minder is assigned to.[3] Some members, such as Chantique and Jarael, were known to bear the Flames of the Crucible on their faces. In Jarael's case the tattoos actually meant "Protector," the name that was given to her by the slaves of the Crucible.[4]


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