"Flandon Sweeg was a dangerous man, a spacer who, like many others, sometimes resorted to dishonest ways of keeping body and soul together."
The Slug Named Grendel by Rogar Farnoster[src]

Flandon Sweeg was a male character in Rogar Farnoster's The Slug Named Grendel, published by TriPlanetary Press[1] sometime after 22 BBY.[3] Sweeg was the captain of the starship Darkfire, and was regarded by Sosakar, the narrator, as a dangerous spacer who ruled by force rather than affection, earning him little love from his crew. Sweeg, deeply in debt with repossession agents tailing him, decided to recoup his wealth by capturing the legendary space slug Grendel, whose million-plus kilogram body would be worth a fortune at the going rate of a thousand credits per kilo. His crew abandoned him, realizing that they'd be facing the treacherous Borkeen Belt where Grendel lived for nothing if Grendel was only a legend, or facing the monstrous ship-eating space slug itself if the legend was true. Nonetheless, Sweeg pressed on, with the naïve and debt-ridden Sosakar signed on as crew.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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