Flangth-2-Go was a fast food chain that served flangth. It was the second-largest fast food chain in the Galactic Empire, following the Tagge Restaurant Association's popular Biscuit Baron chain. Flangth-2-Go was owned by the Arcon Multinode Agricorp.[1]

Flangth-2-Go was the sponsor for Jatz musician Fitz Roi's Core-wide Summerside Tour in 0 BBY.[3] They briefly considered revoking sponsorship when Roi appeared onstage in Jedi garb in New Calamar, Esseles, but relented. When, a month later, Roi used his antique slugthrowers to shoot numerous historical artistic artifacts in the Teirra Parko's Crystal Room on Rimma, Flangth-2-Go again strongly considered pulling their sponsorship.[2] They ultimately did choose to pull support for his tour, bringing it to an end and freeing Roi to perform at the Priole Danna Festival on Lamuir IV.[3]



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