"Are you mocking me, Commander? Because if you are, as the Emperor is my witness, I'll take you down so hard and so fast they'll have to scrape up what's left of your career with a flatcake turner."
―Admiral Carlou Gendling threatens Commander Alfren Cheno[src]

Flatcake turners were a device which could be used to prepare flatcakes. During an argument with Imperial Commander Alfren Cheno after a battle over the planet Umbara, Admiral Carlou Gendling threatened Cheno for mocking him and showing him up during the battle, claiming the commander would need to metaphorically scrap up his career with a flatcake turner once the admiral was done with him.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Flatcake turners were first mentioned in the novel Thrawn, which was written by Timothy Zahn[1] and released on April 11, 2016.[2]


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