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Flechette launcher
Production information

Projectile weapon[1]


1,100 credits[1]

Physical and technical specifications

5 kg[1]

Usage and history
Luke: "How are you planning to use it?"
Mara: "With a flechette cartridge. Let's see her try a lightwhip on that."
Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker[src]

A flechette launcher was an anti-personnel weapon that saw extensive use during the last half of the Clone Wars. This weapon fired canisters containing hundreds of razor-sharp flechettesdurasteel darts that spread out over the large area. The projectiles would explode, releasing flechettes at high velocity in a wide spread.

A single antipersonnel canister could eliminate an entire squad of soldiers, while anti-vehicle rounds, consisting of eleven-centimeter-long missiles, could affect a concentrated area of five meters in diameter. The flechettes contained within were strong enough to rip through ten centimeters of durasteel, and were effective countermeasures against airspeeders and other light repulsorcraft.

Flechette launchers could also be wrist-mounted. The bounty hunter Mahwi Lihnn wore a palm flechette shooter.

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