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"You ordered the cream of fleek eel, right? Careful, hon. The plate's hot. And the fleek eels bite."

The fleek eel was a species of slippery eel found in the Hocekureem Sea on Falleen as well as in the oceans of Aquilaris. They were caught with tridents or traps which were then brought in by submersibles. The eels were cooked in pepper oil and were considered a delicacy, often served alive in a cream. Around 3964 BBY, Marn Hierogryph, under the pseudonym Baron Hieromarn, solicited investments to pay for tankers to transport the eels to Taris. He predicted that the eels would be a smash hit among the denizens of the Upper City.

Later, Dex's Diner on Coruscant would often serve cream of fleek eel. It was possibly the source for fleekskin. They were also served at the Manarai.

There was also the proverbial expression spear two fleek-eels with the same trident to describe multiple success with little effort.[1]



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