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Republic fleet TCW

Warships of the Republic fleet

"Alert all commands. Deploy the fleet."
―Admiral Firmus Piett[src]

A fleet was a conglomeration of warships usually organized to work together and under the command of a single Admiral, General, or other military officer. The commanding officer would usually utilize one of the heavy capital ships within the fleet, such as a Star Destroyer, as his flagship. Governments such as the Republic and the Empire would field fleets to defend their interests and territories from attack. The Alliance to Restore the Republic managed a fleet with which it fought against the Empire as did the Confederacy of Independent Systems when it fought the Republic.

In the Imperial Navy, a fleet could be commanded by an admiral,[1] a fleet admiral or a grand admiral. Notable Imperial fleets included the Seventh Fleet,[2] the Anoat sector fleet[3] and Death Squadron.[1] Task forces, such as the 96th Task Force, were units of ships smaller than fleets that were under the command of an admiral.[2]


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