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"…you can't beat Fligh's information. If there's a nasty, secret bit of business, you can bet Fligh knows about it. So how could I ignore his advice?"
Didi Oddo[src]

Fligh was a petty thief and informer for Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Didi Oddo. He was a tall, slender male Human with a bright green prosthetic eye to replace one he had lost in a strife with Hutts. Fligh had a long face and prominent ears.[1]


Fligh often hung around the Galactic Senate, he knew everyone and passed information for credits. In 43 BBY he was hired by Helb to steal Senator Uta S'orn's datapad[1] after which he was believed murdered as a body that resembled his was found garroted and drained of blood. In reality he had faked his death and fled to Belasco where he later reemerged when he gave the datapad to the Jedi. Fligh and three other thieves ended up working for Didi and Astri Oddo.

In 25 BBY he tipped Didi Oddo on a bet for the Galactic Games on Euceron after which he returned to Coruscant.[2]

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