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"The planet Fluwhaka. The last of the pirates has eluded me until now. The bounty is high on this one."
Jodo Kast on Nosstrick[src]

Fluwhaka was a misty planet in the Outer Rim Territories noted for its rocky spires and crags.


A planet of the Fluwhaka system in the Mortex sector,[2] Fluwhaka was a mist-covered world[3] of blue skies,[4] and a terrain of rocky spires and crags.[3] Certain of these natural towers had openings and balconies in their surfaces, leading into artificial structures such as pirate strongholds.[4]


"From Dengar to Sarlacc Food—Your "twin" spotted again, on Fluwhaka. Time to dump the garbage. You owe me two."
Dengar's message to Boba Fett[src]

During the era of the New Republic, Fluwhaka was the site of a base used by winged, humanoid pirates[3] affiliated with the Quarren pirate Jerresk. Jodo Kast, in the guise of Boba Fett, tracked the pirate Nosstrick to Fluwhaka, and confronted him at the entrance to his base. Kast fell for one of Nosstrick's traps, although was able to poison his quarry with frinka venom. He was left dangling over a spiked pit until Dengar arrived aboard a skiff, and claimed his bounty before forcing Dengar to depart the planet. In turn, Dengar contacted Boba Fett himself, informing the bounty hunter of his imposter's sighting on Fluwhaka.[4]



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