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The Followers of Palawa were an ancient group that studied the Force and midi-chlorians. They fled their homeworld of Palawa to the Outer Rim planet of Bunduki after Palawa was destroyed in a long-ago war involving the Jedi Council.

The Followers of Palawa developed the martial art of Teräs Käsi as a means to keep the Jedi in check, presumably so that another world would not be destroyed by the Jedi Council. They also mastered a deep trance technique which they could use to sleep for decades without aging, somehow tapping into the Force through meditation. During the First Great Schism, many of the Followers, including Arden Lyn, fell to the dark side and joined the Minions of Xendor.

The Followers were still in existence, as hermits, on Bunduki, in the years following the Clone Wars. The mother of Zan and Zu Pike placed her young daughters in their care during the first decade of the Galactic Empire.



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