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Fondorians were a race of hairless Near-Humans from Fondor.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Fondorians were baseline Humans, though they were distinguished by their purple blood and lack of body hair.

Society and cultureEdit

Fondorian society was stratified into castes. Low-caste Fondorians traditionally had only one name, their family name. The Imperial warlord Zsinj inherited such a trait from his Fondorian father, a shipyard mechanic. Social mobility was possible for low-caste Fondorians, however: before defecting to the Rebellion, Hosh Hune received an apprenticeship in the Fondor Guild of Starshipwrights as a reward for his family's generations of service to the guild.

Upper-caste Fondorians were extremely intelligent and regal beings who believed themselves smarter than any other species in the galaxy. They were very sharp thinkers and were able to manipulate business deals to suit them, and for this reason, Fondor was one of the wealthiest planets in the galaxy. One Fondorian was the Black Sun defector, Oolth. Author Metrisse was Fondorian as well.



Fondor people

Fondor administrator and zero-gravity ship worker

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