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"I warned you. Working with Aurra Sing is bad business."
―Fong Do, to Castas[src]

Fong Do was a Nautolan male who lived in the Coruscant underworld during the Clone Wars. He was close friends with the bounty hunter, Castas, and frequently enjoyed drinking in bars across the galaxy.


Clone WarsEdit

Friendship with CastasEdit

During the Clone Wars, Fong Do was close friends with the bounty hunter, Castas, who contacted him from the planet Florrum, following a disagreement on a job with Aurra Sing. Fong told Castas of his warning about working with Sing, but Castas dismissed this and quickly revealed he had valuable information. However, before he was able to reveal this information he was shot and killed by Sing.[2]

Run in with JediEdit

Later, Do recounted the event to a Weequay pirate, who was a member of Hondo Ohnaka's gang, in the Moshi Bar. Realizing he had been overheard by the Jedi Ahsoka Tano, Do pulled out two knives on Tano, but was stopped when Plo Koon intervened by igniting his lightsaber. Tano reached into her tunic and pulled out a handful of credits which she threw into the crowd, allowing her and the Jedi Master to leave the bar.[2]

Jabba's PalaceEdit

Do was later present at Jabba's Palace when Chairman Papanoida and his son Ion were tracking down the bounty hunter, Greedo, after he was involved in the kidnapping of his two daughters.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Fong Do was voiced by James Arnold Taylor in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode Lethal Trackdown.[2]



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