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Ration kit

Luke Skywalker with a ration kit

"How do you get so big eating food of this kind?"

Food rations or field rations, often simply referred to as rations, were a transportable form of ready-to-eat food used by many military forces like the clone commandos. These could also be found in survival packages, most notably field kits. Rebel pilots also had a few ration packs inside their starfighters in case they became stranded on a planet. These rations were stored in a blue container with eleven slots, seven on the bottom, three rectangular slots at the top, and a thin slot in the middle, with food including a large, yellow, square-shaped object; a rectangular bar; several bits of small tan pieces; a large stick; several medium-sized sticks; small rolls; small brown pieces; white pieces; orange pieces; tiny sticks; a small, yellow, square-shaped object; and white rolls. Yoda tried a scrap of food from Luke Skywalker's food ration but spat it out in disgust. They were also well-stocked on cruisers, freighters and lasted long periods of time.

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