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Force Track JATM

An Iktotchi Sith Lord uses Force Track in pursuit of a Jedi.

Force Track was a Force power that allowed a Force-user to peer into the Force for guidance, picking up the lost path of their quarry. while there are both Dark and Light side versions of this both can lead to the same thing.

There is a rare version of Force Tracking that was developed by a few species before the Old Republic Times. This ability was incredibly rare, however when it was learned it allowed the the user to Track a source even across a Galaxy with ease. this ability was named Force Trace. It has almost pin point accuracy of where the target was located as long as one followed the Force itself.

Artifacts and other powers had little effect in stopping this method as it was incredibly powerful. Most noticeable were creatures and species that could already use the ability known as Force Sight. This stepping stone...was crucial in learning the Force Trace.


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