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This article is about the conflict. You may be looking for the comic book miniseries Force War.

There are two conflicting sources for this article: Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi and previous sources.

Lucasfilm has not yet established a cohesive timeline. Editor discretion is advised.

The Force Wars were a ten year long series of conflicts that took place on Tython more than seven centuries before the formation of the Galactic Republic. They were considered the first conflicts between the followers of the light and dark sides of the Force. The Force Wars originally began as an invasion by the forces of the Rakatan Infinite Empire.


Force wars JMGD

In 25,793 BBY, the conflict arose between the followers of the Ashla, or light side of the Force, and the followers of the Bogan, otherwise known as the dark side of the Force.

Both sides utilized metal swords augmented through the Force. In 25,783 BBY, the Bogan's followers were defeated. The light Force users of Tython established a monastic society of guardians of the peace, known as the Jedi, and eventually left their world, settling on the planet Ossus 730 years later.[2]

The Jedi Order would not return to its homeworld until the Cold War, after Satele Shan rediscovered the planet, shortly after the Treaty of Coruscant.

The Force Wars were studied by Padawan students at the Jedi academy on Coruscant as part of Mrs. Pilton's course on the History of the Jedi Order. Roan Novachez was weak in his knowledge of this subject-- on his report card for the course in the third semester, he earned a B+ with a note that his studies were "excellent, except for study of major events during the Force Wars."



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