Force Blinding

A Jedi blinds a stormtrooper.

Force blinding was a telekinetic light side Force power. Upon use of this technique, a blinding flash of energy emanated from a user's hand, manifesting as a flash of light that overloaded a target's vision, causing temporary blindness. A powerful tool of the light side, a Jedi could obfuscate an opponent's sight, making it difficult for the adversary to spot and attack the Jedi or anyone else.

However, a trained Force-sensitive who had prepared himself could defend against this technique by using Force sight. Still, if the Jedi could blind an unprepared enemy before they reached out with Force Sight, the blind could still be effective. Although it was classically a light side power, both the Dark Jedi Yun and the Force apparition Dark Mara were able to use it.



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