Force in Balance referred to a Force ability whereby a user healed his or her wounds by inflicting injury upon enemies. A more advanced application of this technique involved employing it in conjunction with Force suppression to weaken a target's resistance against the Force, ensuring greater potency of the power.

During the Cold War, Jedi Sages and Jedi Shadows were trained in this power.

Behind the scenesEdit

Force in Balance is a Force power of the Jedi Consular class in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game The Old Republic. As the Republic and Sith Empire characters have parallel abilities in the game, Force in Balance serves as the Jedi Order's counterpart to the dark side technique of the Sith, Death Field. For this reason, the power's gameplay mechanics is identical to that of Death Field, such that the user essentially "drains" the life of his or her targets. However, since not all abilities with identical effects are meant to be the same power (e.g. Telekinetic Throw and Force Lightning) and since Death Field is an infamous dark side power, it is quite possible that Force in Balance and Death Field are not one and the same, achieving similar effects through different means. The game does not provide descriptions of the powers other than their technical gameplay effects, however, so it remains unknown how Force in Balance actually achieves its effects in non-gameplay terms or whether it is merely a light side variant of Force drain after all. The passive ability "Mental Scarring" that supplements the power may indicate a psychological component to the technique.


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